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CFS Guelph - CFS or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is the term used in order to specify a medical disorder which is typified by persistent fatigue. Often, this fatigue is accompanied by other particular symptoms. These illnesses may last upwards of 6 months and are not typically relieved by resting. The condition is likewise not caused by various medical circumstances and are not because of ongoing exertion. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is likewise referred to as post-viral fatigue syndrome or PVFS and Myalgic Encephalomyelitis or likewise called ME. There are several other terms utilized to describe this as well.

The World Health Organization classifies this under Diseases of the Nervous System, even if the origin of CFS remains unknown. There are many physiological and psychological factors that could affect the maintenance and development of symptoms. Presently, there is no diagnostic laboratory test or biomarker for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

Symptoms of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome includes widespread muscle and joint pain, post-exertion malaise, un-refreshing sleep, sore throat, cognitive difficulties and often severe mental and physical exhaustion. People who are coping with this particular condition may complain of increased sensitivities to light, smells and sounds. Other indications of CFS include: digestive disturbances, depression, muscle weakness cardiac and respiratory problems, and orthostatic intolerance. It is not known whether these indications are produced by an underlying etiology of CFS or if they represent co-morbid conditions. CFS tends to affect women rather than men. It is not common among kids or teenagers. People who do suffer from CFS describe their quality of life as "uniquely and particularly disrupted."


The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention states that in order for the meaning of CFS to be utilized, 2 of the following criteria are fulfilled. Firstly, a new beginning of unexplained, consistent fatigue which is not alleviated by rest and is unrelated to effort that causes a major reduction in previous activity levels. Then, at least 4 of the following signs that last 6 months or longer: myalgia or muscle pain, frequent or recurring sore throat, post-exertion malaise, un-refreshing sleep, new headaches or those of greater severity, impaired concentration or impaired memory, tender cervical or axillary lymph nodes.

various common indications of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome consist of: chronic cough, brain fog, chest pain, night sweats or chills, abdominal pain, irritable bowel, bloating or diarrhoea, nausea; sensitivities or allergies to alcohol, foods, noise, medications or chemicals; visual disturbances comprising dry eyes, sensitivity to light, eye pain or blurring; psychological problems comprising anxiety, mood swings, depression, irritability or panic attacks.

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